The Royale Lounge

We help you transform your dreams into reality with our extensive in-house resources and well established contacts.

Accommodating up to 400 guests, the Royale Lounge is the perfect place for more intimate affairs as well as larger parties. From lavish appetizers and entrees to individualized décor details, The Royale Lounge provides the perfect space for your event.

No matter which room you choose, the Grand Royale provides all you need to make every guest on your list feel like a guest of honour.

As the pre-eminent event destination in Sydney’s west, The Grand Royale tailors special events to suit almost any style and theme.

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Enjoy all the Royale Lounge has to Offer

We have all you need to realise your dreams, from luxurious linens to the most advanced in-house lighting production setup in NSW. Our facilities accommodate up to 1100 guests, and no matter the size of your party, everyone receives the utmost in hospitality.

Rest assured that every detail of the planning process will be professionally managed so that you can spend your very special day relaxed and happy.